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A true 5-minute Maintenance Page

Live Updates
4-27-2016 3:40PM
Our DB is back up in the East Coast. West Coast clients will be online in 10 minutes.
4-27-2016 3:35PM
Our update has passed all our tests and our East Coast clients will be back online in 5 minutes.
4-27-2016 3:33PM
We're busy strengthening our security to help protect your account data.
4-27-2016 3:31PM
If you signed up for updates, we'll let you know as soon as we're back online.
4-27-2016 3:28PM
Please contact our support through our @TwitterSupport page if you need personal assistance.
4-27-2016 3:26PM
We are currently down for maintenance and will be back online soon

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